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Breast Implants USA provides excellent tools to help you learn about surgeons performing Breast Augmentation, including an extensive and sortable Breast Enlargement Photo Gallery. Our Breast Surgery FAQ section covers many of the questions women have about Breast Augmentation Surgery, and we provide you with a powerful Breast Surgeon Finder where you can search by city, state or zip code.

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Why Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Learn why Breast Implants USA only features surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the Royal College of Phyicians and Surgeons in Canada.
How Do I Choose My Plastic Surgeon?
Take a look at our simple step-by-step guide to choosing a plastic surgeon.
How Do I Decide My Ideal Implants Type and Size?
Read our guide to breast implants and breast augmentation for advice on getting it right the first time when choosing, with your surgeon, your breast implants and size.
What Questions Should I Ask My Surgeon?
To be well-informed, you need to ask questions! Download our suggested list of questions, or ask a surgeon your question here.
Options for implant size
The ultimate size of the breast is mainly a personal decision by the patient. Cup size is an inexact estimate of the final size since cup sizes vary with the bra manufacturer and how tight or loose the patient wears her bra as well as how much breast tissue is already present. Describing the preferred cup size does aid the surgeon, but it also helps to look at pictures or photos to show the physician the desired final look.
What is the proper way of examining my breasts?
Like all women, those with breast implants should perform regular breast self-examinations and have regular examinations by their health care provider trained in breast examination. For women with breast implants, these examinations take on added importance because they can help to reveal complications that might be due to the implants. Women with implants should examine their breasts each month so they can detect changes. For women who menstruate, the best time to examine the breasts is two or three days after the menstrual period ends, when the breasts are least likely to be tender or swollen. Women who no longer menstruate should examine their breasts at the same time each month.
A Primer on Breast Implants
Breast implants are designed for augmentation, a cosmetic procedure; reconstruction; and replacement of existing implants, called revision. There are two primary types: saline-filled and silicone gel-filled. Depending on the type of implant, the shell is either pre-filled with a fixed volume of solution or filled through a valve during the surgery to the desired size. Some allow for adjustments of the filler volume after surgery. Breast implants vary in shape, size, and shell texture.
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Plastic Surgery Financing
Is it possible to get financing even with a bad credit history? What kind of payment plans are available for Breast Augmentation Loans? Learn all about Plastic Surgery Financing.
Consult with a Breast Surgeon
As always, Breast Implants USA reminds you that any decision regarding plastic surgery is best made between you and your surgeon. While we strive to make our website informative and useful, we highly recommend that you contact one of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and set up a consultation in order to determine what is best for you, your personal situation, and your health.

There is no substitute for the wisdom and experience of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon when it comes to your health, your body and the results you can expect to achieve with your Breast Augmentation surgery.

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Breast Augmentation Guide Breast Augmentation Guide

Breast Implants USA features a comprehensive online Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation Guide to help you understand all aspects of Breast Implants and the Breast Augmentation Procedure. Learn about incisions, high-profile breast implants as well as moderate and low-profile, implant shapes, smooth and textured implants, risks, complications, recovery and more!

Breast Augmentation is also known by the term augmentation mammaplasty. This surgery involves using breast implants -- either Saline or Silicone -- to create fuller breasts or to restore lost breast volume after pregnancy, weight reduction or other environmental stresses. Creating fuller breasts is known as Breast Enlargement, while restoring or improving shape is commonly known as Breast Enhancement.

Breast Implants USA is the source for breast augmentation, breast implants, breast enhancement and finding Board Certified Plastic Surgeons to perform your Breast Enlargement procedure.

At Breast Implants USA, you will find detailed articles written by our sponsoring breast surgeons. We only feature highly trained Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who specialize in Breast Augmentation, other Breast Procedures, Body Contouring and Facial Surgery Procedures.

We hope you find our site a Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants and Finding a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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- York Breast Augmentation
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- Ontario, CA Breast Implants
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- Breast Augmentation La Jolla, CA
O'Neil J. Engeron, M.D.
- Houma Breast Augmentation
Newport Beach Breast Augmentation
- Dr. Sanjay Grover in California
Breast Augmentation San Antonio
- Dr. Eric Schaffer in Texas

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