Can Nose Surgery Help Me Breathe Better?

Richard Linderman, M.D.

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, allows thousands of people each year to have a more appealing facial appearance. But did you know that a good percentage of these nose surgery patients actually choose the surgery to be able to breathe with ease?

Rhinoplasty is just as popular for non-cosmetic reasons. Many rhinoplasty candidates actually experience breathing difficulty due to their unusual nose anatomy. So, form and function can be restored with one procedure. Rhinoplasty, if performed by a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon, can successfully correct nasal breathing problems and physical deformities.

Rhinoplasty is often used to help young patients beat challenging breathing problems; however the surgery is recommended mostly for patients who have fully grown noses (about age 15), with the exception of extreme cases of nasal deformity.

A rhinoplasty works like this: Dr. Linderman will gently lift the skin to expose the underline bone and cartilage structure. He can then manipulate the tissue to a more functional shape. The skin is redraped and the new nose is prepared for the healing process. Take a look at some before and after photos to see how dramatic rhinoplasty results can be.

A patient's ability to breathe efficiently and without obstruction should be priority number one. But choose a surgeon who is a master in both the art and skill of this procedure, and you can have a beautiful, perfectly proportioned nose that lets you breathe freely.

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