Testimonials for Dr. Shafer of New York City

Dr. Shafer has the highest respect for his patients' privacy and takes patient confidentiality very seriously. Many patients have offered to have their before and after photographs shown in his office, but most have requested not to post their pictures on the internet. Therefore, for a complete representation of Dr. Shafer's work, we recommend consulting with him in his office.

For those patients requesting an added level of anonymity, Dr. Shafer's office has a private entrance/exit which bypasses the waiting room. Additionally, with prior arrangements, Dr. Shafer will make a house call or meet with you at another location.

J, Juvederm Patient:

As I have aged, my cheek bones are less prominent and visibly look older. I saw several doctors and consultations that only suggested surgery for cheek implants. When I saw Dr. Shafer, he offered me Juvederm injections on the cheekbones to help fill the missing volume. We did the treatment on that visit. He just needs a few shots, but it made a big difference right away. I recommended Dr. Shafer to my friend and my two sisters already. He is excellent!

T, Breast Lift Patient
"I had a breast lift with Dr. David Shafer about a month ago. He did a great job. I consulted with many board certified plastic surgeons before choosing Dr. Shafer. He was the nicest, most informative and most skillful of the surgeons. I could not be happier with my results."

DF - Highest Recommendation for Dr. Shafer

"I think I got what you call a pre-wedding make-over by Dr. Shafer. I am late 30 year old bride and really want to look as fresh as a daisy. I thought about implants but Dr. Shafer said a breast lift and some contouring around my middle would be ideal. He is smart. He really listens and then makes suggestions. Also, he is a GREAT guy. Very easy to talk to and he actually spends time with you instead of shoving you aside like I experienced other places. I look awesome and renewed - I can't think of better words - but still like me! Only more hour- glass and I have abs now thanks to Dr. Shafer. It sounds corny but I love by chest now and I look so much better even under clothes too. My fiance was scared about the surgery but he is oh so happy now. My mom is now getting her eyes done with Dr. Shafer. I could not be happier with Dr. Shafer's skills. I took my mom to his office so I guess that says it all. Thank you Dr. Shafer for everything!!"

D - Fabulous Results!
"OMG I love my results. I had breast implants several years ago in France and was never happy with the results. When I moved to NYC, I was referred to Dr. Shafer. He suggested replacement of the implants and a breast lift. I was initially nervous about the lift incisions, the results are great. I just wish I did not wait so long."

HD - Beautiful Breasts by Dr. Shafer
"Dr Shafer replaced my implants. We talked through all sorts of option. I didn't feel rushed or prodded like in other offices. I also felt comfortable which was a big deal because my other results were really disappointing and I hated taking my shirt off.

My breasts now look so beautiful, natural, youthful - and like I was born with them. It has really improved my self esteem. He is a very talented surgeon. My sister-in-law had a breast lift and belly tuck - she looks amazing. He is our beauty secret - I would not consider doing anything to yourself without seeing him first."

SL - Incredible Results
"Dr. Shafer is heaven sent. Such a nice person and the most talented surgeon in NYC.

I started seeing him for Botox a few years ago when I was still under 40 years old. He did the best job - just the right amount that people think I have great genes and am not using Botox ha!

I never imagined doing 'real surgery' but I saw some of his before and afters and I thought - hey, I deserve it. Recently I did a body lipo - I was thinking just belly and thighs but Dr Shafer suggested a little bit from here and there instead so it would look natural and uniform. Now my inner thighs look so slim, no muffin top, rolls on my back etc. I look great in skinny jeans and do not look my age.

I could not recommend Dr Shafer more sincerely. The whole experience from start to finish was wonderful. He takes things slow and errs on the side of less is more.

He is a class act and brilliant. A+++"

SR - Dr. Shafer is THE BEST
"Dr. Shafer was referred to me, and I refer him to others without hesitation. He is not only an expert plastic surgeon, but is able to put us at ease, reduce our stress, and make us look great."

YH, 39-year-old female:
"Dr. Shafer is in a league of his own. I plan to stay young with him. I am a 39-year-old female and Dr. Shafer has been doing my fillers and Botox for 2 years. I had done both before with other physicians, and he is the most skillful injector I have known -- he is current and on top of all the latest stuff. His specific Botox placement has dramatically improved around my eyes (including tired eyelids) and forehead. He also is so kind and approachable, I am sure any patient of Dr. Shafer's becomes a patient for life. I am about to start a new job in a new, very competitive space and need to be on top of my game. I just booked liposuction with him, and there is no other person I would trust to do this work. His before & afters are impressive and I have talked with many of his patients who are just as impressive in real. I have recommended Dr. Shafer to my mother, sisters and friends with 100% confidence and will continue to do so without hesitation. I was referred to him, and he is a staple within my circle of friends."

AR, 71-year-old female:
"I am a 71-year-old granny who has met a couple of the top Plastic Surgeons in New York City a decade or so ago. Finding David Shafer, was like stumbling into a gold mine in my back yard. He had been highly recommended by someone indirectly involved in Plastic Surgery. My first meeting with him was memorable. He payed total attention "to me" not to himself. I immediately liked him a lot. Having lost 52 pounds within a year of that meeting, the bottom of my face had lose skin hanging all over my neck. I went under the knife within that week. Three weeks later, I was filmed by a TV Program and I looked 20 years younger. Since then, over a dozen of my friends, including some men, went to have surgery with David. Without exception, they were all ecstatic and so am I."

CS, 57-year-old female:
"I see Dr. Shafer for botox. He really listened to what I wanted and what I did not want. Results are great! I look fresher and younger but I still have full expression in my face, which is very important in my work. My forehead even feels better and I also seem to have less tension headaches. I took a look at Dr. Shafer's before and after photos for facelifts. This guy is an artist! I probably will go with a facelift next. I am a very private person so I really like the private entrance/exit for Dr. Shafer's office and the possibility of a home visit after my facelift so I do not need to get out in public before I want to."

LC, 55-year-old female:
"My husband and I both are thrilled with our appearances after our recent face lifts. David Shafer is the new man in town to go to, that's for sure! My spouse is totally bald and few plastic surgeons would touch him, but this one did, and erased his sagging chin. We look naturally refreshed and know who we will seek again when the time comes for another "renovation."

DJ, 37-year-old female:
"The only reason that I am writing this review is because now I am sold on plastic surgery. I have to admit I was not an advocate, but after years of dealing with a gut hanging over my jeans after having 5 children, I was sick and tired of it. I wanted my body back. I always felt like an attractive woman, but slowly with each pregnancy I gained 5 beautiful children and lost the feeling of beauty. I started talking about it with friends and after a lot of research I decided on the Dr. that trained at the Mayo Clinic. After meeting Dr. Shafer and having a tummy tuck and some liposuction on my hips/thighs, I am sold. I can't tell you how happy I am! After 12 years I can finally wear a bikini again (before I didn't even like to be seen in a one piece). I am so excited about it that my husband and I have booked our first trip together (without the kids) to Maui in February. I can't tell you how wonderful Dr. Shafer was, patient, caring and sensitive to my needs. I had a lot of concerns, especially with having kids at home, Dr Shafer was so easy to talk with and took the extra time I needed to fully explain the operation. He was honest and realistic about my recovery period and went the extra mile to make my experience outstanding. I am sold. If you are like me and unsure at first, just talk with Dr. Shafer, he is amazing, and an excellent surgeon. I am sure you will love him as much as I do, and my husband for that matter! I am a new woman!!!"

KG, 59-year-old female:
"Before meeting Dr. Shafer, I had several appointments with other plastic surgeons. My very close friend recommended that I see Dr. Shafer. Since I knew my friend was very particular and a great RN, I went for the appointment. I brought my list of questions regarding my face lift. He answered each question in detail. His enthusiasm and passion made me feel so relaxed, yet eager to move on to the surgery. I am 59 years old and had my face lift. I was back to work in two weeks with a new refreshed look. I have received comments that I look well rested since my "two week vacation". I have four sisters that I love dearly. I would recommend each one of them to see Dr. Shafer. I must thank Dr. Shafer each day for the surgery and my friend for the best reference. Dr. Shafer is my hero."

SM - Got My Curves Back
"I went to Dr. Shafer last year for a tummy tuck and liposuction. It is the best decision that I have every made. After having two kids my belly just was not what it used to be. No matter how much I worked out, my belly still looked flabby. During the procedure, Dr. Shafer was able to tighten my muscles and remove the extra skin and stretch marks. He also did some liposuction on my thighs and arms at the same time. I truly feel like a new person. I recently went to a wedding and was able to put on a dress that I had not worn in years. I really would recommend Dr. Shafer to anyone considering having surgery. My sister is scheduled to have her tummy tuck after the new year and she can't wait."

NG - Amazing Person and an Amazing Plastic Surgeon
"I go to Dr Shafer for my botox and out of any of the places I have gone in the past 5 years his way of administering botox is that of an artist. Natural, Movement, last me almost 6 months. I own a laser spa and have referred many clients to dr. shafer who have had everything from juvederm to botox to a full face lift and breast augmentation and everyone was so amazed and happy at the result. I highly recommend him to anyone."

SL - New York City Botox Patient
"I recently had Botox with Dr. Shafer. It was my first time for any cosmetic procedure. I think he did a very nice job. My results look very natural."

SJ, 35-year-old male:
"I have had botox injections for over 3 years by several specialists. Fortunately, a friend recommended Dr. Shafer. He is clearly the best of anyone I have used. I have had no bruising and outstanding results. He will be my botox guy for good."

JR - My Arms Look Great
"Last fall, my coworker revealed to me that she had arm liposuction with Dr. Shafer. I was wondering if she had had a procedure since she looked as if she had been working out and adding definition to her arms, but I know she does not work out very much. I went in for the same procedure and I am so happy! The procedure took about 2 hours and I went home the same day. I had the liposuction about three weeks ago and I can already see great results. I brought my other friend in with me to my follow up appointment and she really wants to have arm liposuction and her muffin top done at the same time. I really could not be happier."

JF - Botox
"Dr. Shafer is one of the few plastic surgeons that injects the Botox himself. I had previously gone to other plastic surgeons and dermatologists and they had physician assistants or nurses injecting their Botox. Dr. Shafer really seems to treat his injections as an art and takes extra time to make sure that I am very happy. I have never had any problems with his injections and the best part is that everyone thinks that I just have naturally smooth skin. I highly recommend Dr. Shafer."

BE, 45-year-old female:
"Dr. Shafer is a true gentleman and an exceptionally skilled surgeon. Generous with information, knowledge and kindness, he knows his stuff but isn't stuffy or pretentious. I would (and have) recommended him to several friends. He's a stand-up guy with great hands. And heart."

SE, 67-year-old female:
"Place all your hesitations aside; Dr. David Shafer is the most professional, thorough, competent and artistically skilled plastic surgeons that exists. He is truly an expert and displays superior attention to detail. And if that isn't enough, Dr. Shafer has utmost concern, understanding and compassion for all of his patients. I was one of those many reluctant women, and am now ecstatic after my face lift. I fully recommend Dr D. Shafer if you are considering any type of plastic surgery."

FF, 40-year-old male:
"Dr Shafer is a true pro with an amazing eye for detail and terrific bedside manner..... I would recommend him to anyone as a perfect surgery experience!"

RW, 67-year-old female:
"After my facelift, my daughter told me that I look just the way she remembers meeting me."

AS, 35-year-old male:
"I was very skeptical to visit a plastic surgeon. However, Dr. Shafer made me feel at ease and totally comfortable about discussing my body. He was very friendly and took all the time I needed to explain the different options and procedures. As a result, I have received multiple botox treatments and abdominal lipo-suction. I could not be more happy with the results. I recommend Dr. Shafer to anyone who is considering plastic surgery."

JH - 70 years old
"I must say that I was leery about any type of plastic surgery, but after I found myself back out in the "dating" world again at close to 70 I wanted to see if there was something that could be done that would be natural looking - after all, I'm a grandmother and certainly would not want to look like a teenager again. I just wanted to see if some of the sun damage that I had inflicted upon myself in my youth could be mitigated somewhat. Dr. Shafer took the time to walk me through a step-by-step plan that would work for me. It was just what I was looking for!

Now my friends ask things like, "what's so different about you, you look so vibrant." I didn't want to look 40 again, but it's awfully nice not to look 70 either... Thanks again, Dr. S!"

ML, 39-year-old female:
"I recently saw Dr. Shafer after being referred by several friends. I found his office to be unassuming and comfortable, with great skyline views. The office staff was friendly and accommodating. During the consultation, Dr. Shafer made me at ease and he did not seem rushed or distracted when talking with me. He reviewed all of the options and did not seem pushy in any way. I ended up having fat grafting, Botox and a facial peel and I am very happy with the results. I am planning on having other procedures in the near future. I highly recommend Dr. Shafer."

BS, 54-year-old female:
"My neckline is amazing ... now I look as young as I feel inside."

AD, 37-year-old female:
"Dr. Shafer, you did in three hours what 3 years of sit-ups could not do."

AL, 33-year-old male:
"After my liposuction, I feel like I have a new start on life."
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