Smooth Breast Implants vs Textured Breast Implants

Once you have made the decision to undergo breast augmentation, there are many implant options to be considered. During your breast augmentation consultation, your surgeon will discuss all of your options including implant texture. In some cases, depending on the shape of the implant you choose, you may not have a texture option but your surgeon should tell you what texture you are getting.

There are two breast implant surfaces available: smooth and textured. Smooth breast implants feel like the outside of a balloon. Textured implants feel somewhat like sandpaper. Below we will discuss why one surface may be better for your individual situation than the other.

Smooth Breast Implants: Smooth breast implants are used in the large majority of breast augmentation procedures. Smooth implants move freely within the breast pocket. Smooth implants have thinner shells making them softer than textured implants and may be less likely to ripple than textured implants. Some of the other benefits of smooth implants include lower cost and increased implant longevity.

Textured Breast Implants: Textured implants were designed to limit the risk of capsular contracture, an implant complication involving scar tissue growing around the implant. This claim has not been conclusively proven in study. There are however additional uses for textured implants. If a teardrop implant moves or flips over in the breast pocket, the breast can appear deformed.  Textured implants create cohesion between the implant and surrounding tissue reducing the risk of the implant moving.

Just as there are risks and benefits of saline and silicone implants, smooth and textured implants have pros and cons. Textured breast implants have been associated with a higher rate of leaking and breast rippling than smooth implants; however, textured implants have also been shown to decrease the risk of displacement. Your board certified plastic surgeon will help you determine which type of implant is right for you.

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