Round or Teardrop Implants – What’s the Difference?

roundVteardropImplantsThere are a number of options women must weigh when considering breast augmentation. Some of the options are more obvious like the decision between saline or silicone. Others options patients don’t even know exist until their breast augmentation consultation. Women are often surprised to hear that they have options when it comes to the shape of their implant. Breast Implants USA explains the differences between teardrop implants and round implants.

Teardrop Implants: Teardrop implants are contoured and are considered the most anatomical. They are shaped like a natural breast and create a sloped shape when placed over the chest muscles. While these are the most natural looking breast implants, it takes a skilled plastic surgeon to ensure they are placed properly. If you are interested in teardrop implants, be sure to ask your board certified plastic surgeon if he or she has experience with these types of implants and ask to see photos of other patients that have received this type of implant.

Benefit: Teardrop implants are the most natural looking implant

Downfall: If the pocket for the teardrop implant is not created correctly, there is a risk that the implant may flip over leaving the breast looking misshaped.

Round Implants: Round implants are used to give women that “Victoria Secret” look. Round implants are the most common implants as they generally give women the most lift, fullness and cleavage. Certain types of round implants can also enhance the forward projection of the breasts. Some women however, feel that round implants are too artificial looking. Women with large implants report that others ‘know’ they have had breast augmentation.

Benefit: Creates full breasts with the greatest amount of cleavage. If they flip or turn in their pocket the shape of the breasts stays the same.

Downfall: appears more artificial than teardrop implants

Ultimately, the decision as to which shape implant is right for you is largely based on the look you are trying to achieve. During your implant consultation, your surgeon will help you determine which shape implant is right for you by closely listening to your desires for breast augmentation and showing you a number of before and after photos of women who have opted for either round or teardrop implants.

Breast Implants USA has a complete breast augmentation before and after photo gallery available. Narrow down the photos you would like to see by before and after cup size or by city, state, or zip. Narrowing down the before and after procedures by location allows you to view photos of patients who have used breast implant surgeons in your area. Each photo is labeled with implant information and a few details about the patient. These extra details will allow you to find a woman with a similar build to your own so you can get a better idea of what you would look like after breast augmentation.

Click here to view Breast Implants USA before and after gallery.

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Posted Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 and filed under Breast Augmentation Questions.

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